How to Make a Homemade Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are more than just beautiful decorations; they hold a rich history and cultural significance. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your very own homemade dream catcher. So gather your materials and let your creativity soar!

Materials Needed

  • Hoop (metal or wooden)
  • Suede lace or any cord
  • Thread or string
  • Beads
  • Feathers

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Prepare the Hoop: Start by selecting a hoop in the size of your choice. You can use a metal hoop or create one from a wooden branch. Ensure the hoop is sturdy and free from any rough edges.
  2. Create the Webbing: Take the suede lace or cord and tie it securely to the hoop. Leave a tail of lace about 6 inches long. Cross the lace over the hoop, creating a loop. Pass the lace through the loop and pull it tight. Continue this process, creating loops around the hoop until you reach the center. This will form the webbing of your dream catcher.
  3. Decorate the Dream Catcher: Get creative with the decoration! Use different colored threads or strings to weave around the webbing, adding patterns or designs. You can also incorporate beads by sliding them onto the threads as you weave. This adds a touch of beauty and symbolism to your dream catcher.
  4. Attach Feathers and Beads: At the bottom of the dream catcher, attach feathers and beads using additional thread or string. Feathers represent good dreams, while beads symbolize the web catching the bad dreams.

dream catcher homemade kit

Background and History of Dream Catchers

Dream catchers have a long-standing history among Native American cultures. Originating from the Ojibwe people, dream catchers were traditionally created to capture and filter out bad dreams, allowing only positive dreams to pass through. The intricate webbing of the dream catcher caught the bad dreams, which evaporated with the morning sun.


Making a homemade dream catcher is not only a creative endeavor but also a way to connect with a rich cultural heritage. As you weave the web and add your personal touches, remember the symbolism behind each element. Hang your dream catcher above your bed or in a place where it can catch the dreams floating in the air.

Embrace the beauty and tranquility that a dream catcher brings, knowing that it not only adds charm to your space but also carries the tradition of filtering out negative energy. Sweet dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Homemade Dream Catchers:

What materials do I need to make a homemade dream catcher?

You will need a hoop, suede lace, string, beads, and feathers.

How do I weave the dream catcher’s web?

Start by tying a knot at the top of the hoop. Then loop the string around the hoop, creating a series of triangles until you reach the center.

Can I use different colors in my dream catcher?

Absolutely! Dream catchers can be made as colorful as you’d like. Use different colored strings, beads, and feathers to match your personal style or room decor.

What is the significance of the dream catcher’s beads?

In traditional dream catchers, beads are often thought to symbolize the spider—the web weaver itself.

How do I attach the feathers to my dream catcher?

Feathers can be attached to the dream catcher using string or suede lace. Slip the end of the feather into a bead then secure it with a knot.

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